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About Sensei Saud Anderson  From Mushindo Aikido

Aikido classes Cape Town

Mr. Saud Anderson (Sensei) 4th Dan started his Aikido career at the age of 10 he lost himself in the beauty of the Art loving every moment of his training . His first teacher was the late Josh Niehause (Sensei) 3Rd Dan and after his untimely death Sensei Anderson trained with Ettienne Venter (Sensei) 3Rd Dan. Sensei Anderson had many other teachers like Ken cottier (Sensei) 7th Dan Shihan, Giorgeo Veneri (Sensei) 6th Dan , Franco Martufi (Sensei) 6th Dan, Mitsuko Minigishi (Sensei) 7th Dan and Ikuhiro Kabota (Sensei) 7th Dan Shihan. Sensei Anderson is affiliated with Hombu Dojo Tokyo Japan.

At the early age of 17 Sensei Anderson opened Mushindo Aikido school of Samurai Martial Arts and has held the top spot for the biggest school with the Aikido Federation of South Africa for nearly 20 years.

Sensei Anderson also teaches Heaven and Earth Chi-Gung . He has studied with Sifu Yen Ming (Northen China, Shaolin Temple ), Sifu Wong Keu Kit and the late Sifu Wadu Pran (Tibetan Monk).


Mushindo Aikido Cape Town was founded in 1996 by Sensei S. Anderson.



Mushindo Aikido School of Samurai Martial Arts Cape Town is an Independent Dojo and is not restricted by federation rules, regulations and politics.

Mushindo Aikido Cape Town Self-defense unit offers corporate and individual self-defense classes.

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